Monday, October 5, 2009

Makeup “Junk” Drawer

How many of you guys have one drawer in your vanity, bathroom or makeup chest that is
Dedicated to empty makeup boxes, backup products, etc etc?
I do and heres a peak inside…..this is where I put my sephora catalogs, supplies etc
I also keep all the special collection MAC empty boxes…silly I know but I do!
What do you guys store in your Makeup junk drawer?


Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

I store my liquid foundations that I've bought in the wrong color. I hope one day I'll be freakishly tan or light and then aha! I'll use it! Or, maybe I'll do makeup on a friend and that shade will work for them. :)

Kat said...

I have done so as well...especially drugstore brands that you cant try on;(

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Ugh seriously why the heck can't we try foundations in the drugstore? That's my #1 hesitation to try Revlon Colorstay cuz I'm afraid I'll be making 2-3 trips to CVS to get the right shade!