Sunday, December 28, 2008

NYX trios

I am in love with NYX trios!! LOVE...I just purchased three from top to bottom:

Ultra Chic
Lake Moss

I love to use these in different looks I found one from emilynoel in how to use the lake moss palette, I wore this look yesterday and loved it.

There is an anti-diva tutorial from califjewels

I havent found one using ultra chic yet but the colors aare really sheer silver and cream white and white so cant wait to use for a winter look!

I will do a blog on the lipstick by them that I love and have...

You can buy NYX through

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 fun facts
1. I am an only child…I have two step brothers but primarily most of my life I have been an only
2. I am a mutt, Croatian, Italian, polish Czech and a few other things mixed in…
3. My favorite wine of all time is Hogue rieseling but I primary love red wines….for health reasons etc
4. From the age of 14-16 I modeled in fashion shows and hair shows for Jose Eber and local salons
5. In my teens I was obsessed with fashion…I wanted to be a fashion designer…I didn’t even get into wearing makeup til I hit my 30s!
6. This Friday Dec 19th I turn 34
7. I get annoyed easily with people…I dotn know why but I do…I just like to be kind and treat others as such
8. Although not now…I used to be extremely shy….head down and all.
9. I prefer summer over any other season
10. I went to college for computer science but would like to do make-up artistry on the side
11. I was engaged when I was 24 and he was the wrong one…wrong wrong wrong….Ive learned its ok to be single and to not be
Married with ten kids by the time you are 30.
12. I have not been to Europe but it is on my new list of places to travel
13. I used to travel across the US as a project manager for a health care company and now work as a QA Analyst instead and no more travel…at least not for the moment!
14. Love all types of animals…my boyfriend and I have cats but I also want a dog…life isn’t complete without animals
15. In my travels for work and pleasure I have been to 48 of the 50 states!
16. As far as food is concerned, I love to eat foods from all over the new obsession is ethipopian cuisine

Monday, December 8, 2008

Liplicious at Bath and Body works

This is a review of the liplicious product that I recently purchased from Bath and Body works....well I think I'm glad I didnt pay the original $12 for this product and only paid $6....on one end is a brown sugar scrub that smells great and feels great when applied it then says I can eat the sugar once im done...I think I wish I tasted terrible. Next I tried teh color on lips feel a slight smoothness but nothing like when I use the sara happ lip scrub...sorry gals this doesn not get my vote.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

DuWop Payoff

Ok I happened upon this little nugget at the sephora yesterday and got a birthday invitatio nfro the store..cant wait to see what goodies they have in store for the shoppers!! It says a full size goodie bag...cant wait;)

Anywho off to Duwop Payoff it supposedly turns dry shadows to crewm and i have not offically tried it yet..I will keep you posted if it works well...

Stay warm cause baby its cold outside!