Thursday, December 31, 2009

Revlon Photo Ready Makeup

I went on twitter yesterday and asked if anyone had tried this foundation which is the
Revlon Photo Ready Makeup-006 Medium Beige

LisaSZ09 mentioned that Fafinette3-Aubrey had a review on this check it out here:

I watched the review and decided I'd give it a try as well...I did notice this is quite shimmery and I would almost compare it to MACs hyperreal foundation.
I'm gonna try this tonight....I purchased this at Target for 9.99 and it came with a mini foundation brush. Here is a pic of me wearing the foundation last it!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3....2....1....Counting down to the New Year

I just wanted to wish all of my wonderful followers a Happy New Year!!! I am ready for 2009 to be over. This has been a tough year for me...I ended a long term relationship and that was very rough for the end it ended up being the best thing for me and my life. He and I continue to stay in touch but I am ready to start the new year with a clean slate.

I also think this upcoming year will also be a continued focus on my health...I love working out and keeping in I get older I realize how important this is for my well-being.

I will also continue to keep God as the center of my life...I feel I have lost my way a little on this and want to get back to the basics of my christian life. God is my deejay.

Lastly this year I will also focus on my relationships, friends and if I'm lucky to meet someone new then so be that as well. I do feel very blessed that I have the people I do friends and parents are my world.

I wish everyone a wonderful, healthy and happy 2010!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steve Madden Luxe

December is my birthday month and I received a certificate from many places but one from DSW for $5 off. I loved these sandals since last summer but being the bargain fashionista that I am I thought $70 was a bit much for these. I went in the the other day and saw these on clearance for 80% off and with my $5 off came to.....drum roll...$8.99!!

Gift Haul Birthday/Christmas

These are some of the items I got for my birthday christmas...this is def not all of them but I thought I'd list the beauty/favorite items...I got various gift cards and lots of wine and wine accesories....some great food items like chocolate covered potato chips haha....Last night one of my closest friends surprised me with tickets to Dreamgirls!! I love my December birthday!! This year I turned "35"...but I'm a big kid at heart and definitely dont feel my age!!

MAC Haul-Birthday/Christmas

This was a gift from the bestie:Mischief makers pigment set..these colors are beautiful!! Dark soul, naked, reflects antique gold, Chocolate brown and sunnydaze.

I received a Macys gift card for the holidays and here is what I picked up:
MAC lipstick in Syrup (I actually back to Maced for this one)
A foundation pump
Painterly paint pot (replacement)
Blush in Dollymix YAY..I have wanted this blush forever!
Eyeshadow in Naked lunch

Monday, December 28, 2009

100 Follower Contest Prizes!!!!

PRIZE 1:This Sephora tote stuffed with goodies!!

PRIZE 2: MARK Self Santuary mini Body treats in:Lemon sugar, chocolate orchid and Honey Jasmine!!

PRIZE 3: Korres Natural Products Body Butter in Yoghurt


Please note all items were purchased by me for this contest!!! ENTER ENTER ENETER:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you I have reached 100 followers!!

Must comment on this post:

1) Must be a follower of my blog

2) Please leave a comment on:

a) What is your favorite makeup product?

b) What would you like to see more of in this blog?

c) Please leave your name and email address

I will post a pick of the prizes you will win and I am picking three winners.
Winner will be chosen by using

Contest ends 1/01/10!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My December favorite mascaras....

I am loving these mascaras this month:

Covergirl Lashblast
Loreal Telescopic explosion for lower lashes
Rimmel Lash MAXX
Maybelline pulse perfection

I usually use four mascaras at a time for different effects. I prefer black mascaras but occasionally I think you can use color to spice things up once in a while.
What are your faves?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Count em 1-2-3...favorite foundations!

1. Korres Wild Rose Foundation in WRF6
2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Natural Tan
3. MAC HyperReal Foundation in NC400

I usually reach for one of these foundations on a daily basis. The number 1 Korres Foundation is probably my favorite!!! I first discovered this foundation
By watching LisaSZ09’s video on this…
This is her Top 5 favorite foundation videos and her reviews are great!
I immediately went out and got a sample of it and fell in love. It covers so well but blends into the skin well. I was even able to use
This foundation in the summer…my number one choice in the summer is Chanel Bronze Universal hands down but in a pinch this is great also.
2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation….this would be the number 2 foundation range I reach for…all the colors blend well together and overall provide great coverage and for
$9-$11 you cant beat it. A lot of times they have buy one get ones at CVS or various other drugstores and that is when I stock up on them.
3. MAC HypeReal Foundation is a great night out foundation….not only does it give you a lovely glow but applied with a light hand looks amazing and almost as if you don’t have anything on. See pic!

What are your top 3 foundations?

Wearing MAC HyperReal Foundation:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Steve Madden Boot Socks...LOVE these

I am loving my winter socks...these are super cute..if you have a Burlington Coat Factory near you they are marking all there socks on clearance...I got these for $1.99 each:)I love the feel of warm socks in my long boots!

LUSH christmas favorites!

1.So white
2.Candy Cane bubble Bar
3.Mr. Butterball
4.Cinders bath bomb
5.Lil Lush pud

Gift Card ideas...My favorites!

1. Forever 21...I love this store:)
2. Sephora
3. Victorias Secret
5. H&M
6.Bath and Body works
7. Neiman Marcus
8. Nordstrom
9. Arden B
10.Armani Exchange

Scarf storage suggestion

Are you like me and love to accesorize with scarves? Well This is a sample of my scarf collection it includes pashminas, summer sheer scarves, wool scarves etc etc. I got this box and folded all my scarves so that I can easily find the one to wear for whatever occasion. How do you store your scarves?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sephora dry oil sprays and the tub was free!

Dry oil spray in Peach Blossom and Guava Passion...not only do these dry oils smell amazing but after a hot shower in the winter spray these babies on and your skin is instantly drenched in oil that drys fast, smells amazing and did I mention your dry winter skin will thank you? I love these!

While in sephora they had a deal if you buy two sephora bath products you get this plastic tub wit hthe sephora logo on it. I decided I will fill it with my LUSH products and when I get in and out of the tub they will be right there for me to grab...Here is a photo that I added with LUSH products...get it a tub of LUSH:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank You!

A big thank you to my new followers…I have reached 90 followers and only 10 more away from 100…
Once I reach my 100th follower I think I’m gonna do a little contest…details coming soon!

Some of my favorite eye products….

First since its December and much colder here…I have found that using a heated eyelash curler in the am is just the thing I need to
Give me a little wake-up in the morning!
This heated eyelash curler is from La Crosse and I love it!
Some of my other favorites are:
Jesses Girl Line sealer, one side is for wide lines and the other is for thin lines….love this product!
ELF Studio Eyebrow lifter and filler
ELF Studio Eyeliner and shadow stick in brown
Revlon Brow Fantasy in brown…I cant tell you how much I LOVE this product….!!
I used to use MAC’s brow gel but forget it this is the one!
Urban Decay primer and waterproofer
CQ eye duetto, one side is a black liner and the other is similar to a shade stick
ELF Studio Eye Primer and Line Sealer

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My favorite Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Shadows

Azure Mist
Sultry Smoke
Steel impressions
Nude elements
Coffee Bean
Blushed wines
Berry Bloom

These shadows have great staying power, color combos are great also....
What are your favorites?