Thursday, July 10, 2008

Printable coupons

Here is a really good site for coupons. It has like every store under the sun.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My makeup table....A DIY for sure:)

Happy 4th everyone!! I decided that since the weather wasnt that great this past weekend that it was time for a little DIY project...I occasionally like to head on a goodwill jaunt and look for things but rarely find cool furniture and such.....but I was in luck. I have been watching a lot of the yout tube videos and looking for a makeup table to do all my little makeup artistry and I was in luck...I foudn a little desk fro mthe 60's or 70's it appeared...many peopel would look at it and not see the potential but well I wish i had did a before and after cause the after made me very happy.....take a peek this si the end result as soon as I arrange and reorganize....I will take some more pics and do a video for you-tube...let me know what you think:)

Total project: Desk at goodwill-$30 Primer(home depot)-$6 Black enamel paint-$6 Silver knobs-$$24 Total cost-$66