Sunday, July 5, 2009

My eye products for July...

I am enjoying these-eye products so far...I know a little early into July but I'm starting to really narrow down my collection and find products that work for me that I will buy over and over again....the only one of these I probably wont re buy is the Loreal mascara that contains collagen I believe...the brush is too thick and goes on extremely messy;(

From top to bottom:

Urban Decay lingerie and galoshes for side is a primer and the other is a waterproofer.
(This is perfect for me as I do not like waterproof mascaras and also because I love the shiseido primer but this is a good backup. Something in the shiseido mascara base irritates my eyes so not sure if I'll repurchase.

Loreal Extra volume collagen mascara
This Extra Volume Mascara by L'oreal contains Hydra Collagen which creates up to 12x more volume with no clumps, extra volume brush is twice as thick as traditional brushes.
I really am not sure how I feel about this mascara, the brush is so thick and hard to manage...I'll have to use it more and see if I like so far its a "meh".

Loreal HIP high intenstiy pigment mascara
Color is ultimate blue black
So far so good, nothing special with this mascara. I may repurchase as a backup but that's all.

Origins Lush Lash Full Story mascara
I got this as part of a gift set and not sure how I feel about it yet, its a nice black mascara goes on rather smooth and non clumping...I'll keep using and let you guys know what I think;)

Elf Eye primer and eye sealer
For 3 bucks this baby is a steal...
one side is a primer and the other is a sealant for eyeliners etc. So far for the price, I'm lovin it!

Loreal Carbon black liner intense
I love the little felt tip liner and you only need to dip once, overall great coverage!!

Lancome art liner in noir
The loreal carbon black liner is a Dupe for this I cant tell the difference between the two so if you want to pay a little less, I'd go for the Loreal liner.

MAC cremestick pearl liner in Sweet Brown
This is a great liner for a light brown or smokey brown look, I love it! I got it at the CCO and have a feeling I need to buy a backup;)

What are your fave eye products right now, I'd love to know!!


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