Saturday, July 11, 2009

March of Nailpolishs....

I am posting these ahead of an upcoming video on my youtube channel.

It needs some love, can you give it some? Anywho these are the nailpolishes I tend to reach for the most in addition to four regrets:)My four regrets are first then my faves and the last picture is my collections thus far. In the background is my nailpolish tip board, I need t oclean that up but it lets me try colors before I pick one;) I bought this on eight by eight

I mostly reach for....(missing is Big Bag Theory from Essie)...LOVE this color!
Essie in Spaghetti Strap
Essie Rock Star Skinny
Essie My private Cabana
Essie in Lady Godiva
OPI Thats hot pink!
China Glaze VIII
OPI Kreme de la Kremlin
OPI Sand in my Suit
China Glaze Unplugged
OPI I'm fondue You
China Glaze Recycle
Sephora for OPI in Metro Chic
Chanel 219-Black Satin
VS Very Sexy in Cocktail
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
China Glaze Heirloom Organza
OPI Russian Navy
OPI You Dont know Jacques
Almay One Coat in Shell
OPI Crepes Suzette
OPI Eiffel for this color
China Glaze in Fifth Avenue

China Glaze-Tree Hugger
OPI-Greenich Village
China Glaze-Solar Power
China Glaze-Bahamian Escape

The greens and blues look ok on the toes but perhaps too bold for my hands...I think I "attempted to wear these and they just looked bad on my skin".

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