Friday, June 5, 2009

TAG: Summer Secrets

TAG: Summer Secrets

1. What is your fondest summer memory?
My fondest memory of summer is spending it with my grandparents...listening to baseball games with my pap on the front porch and
spending time talking to my Gram.I miss my grandparents everyday but I will always have these memories of them.

2. Where do you normally go/are planning to go on your summer holiday?
I usually pick a beach that I have not been too before and usually go over memorial day weekend as a way to kick off the holiday. This year it was the Carolinas.

3. What skin protection (so suncream, oil etc), if any, do you use on your body?
Usually I'll get a base coat at the tanning salon...(I know, I know) and then pile on the SPF 50 afterwards...for some reason this year I got burned and its a pretty bad burn even though I'm olive skinned.

4. What skin protection, if any, do you use on your face?

I usually use Bare Bronze by V Secret or I'll try a drugstoe brand.

5. Ever had a summer romance?

Yes...more like in high school;)

6. Whats your summer make up routine?

I usually dont wear foundation, I wear bronzer...totally hooked on Chanel Bronze Universal;)
Spaced out or Love thing blusher
Masacara and a creme eyeshadow by Chanel or Bobbi Brown.

7. What sunglasses do you wear?

MY Vera Wang or Steve MaddensBlack of course:0

8. Ice cream or BBQ? BBQ and love ice cream...Oh ice cream I heart you;)

9. Sunbathe or Sit in The Shade?

Definitely sunbathe - I absolutely love laying in the sun with a good book...DITTO

10. Describe your perfect summer?

Perfect summer =80 degrees and no humidity
Fun times with friend and currect BF...
Nights on the town for dinner
Spending lazy days on the patio
Pool time and vacation;)

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