Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pulse Maybelline Perfection™ by Define-A-Lash® Vibrating Mascara

Move over Rimmel Sexy Curves there is a new mascara in town and for as little as $12.50 at most drugstores this is my new favourite mascara!
The vibrating brush did and amazing job. It coated every single lash perfectly. I didn't even feel the need to go back over too much (and I usually do quite a bit). I love the Lash stiletto and recently the Rimmel Sexy curves but wow this is the one I have been waiting for, move over lancome!!

It made my lashes really long, as long as or longer than lash stiletto and did hold curl Oh and one thing I really like in a mascara that this offered was getting those little lashes in the inner corners of your eye. (without getting tons of mascara coated on the lower lashes) It just made my eyes pop and have already gotten several compliments on how long my lashes look this morning. I have recently started purchasing only drugstore mascaras as that every 3 months I toss my mascaras and have found there is not a need to spend $20 to $30 on high end mascaras….I’ll save the high-end for other cosmetics!
BEST features:
Low vibrating noise
Easy to use
Makes lashes long and seperated
I am definately repurchasing!!!!

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