Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring/Summer list....

I usually start to wear less makeup in the spring summer months but I'm finding that there are so many cool products coming out that I'm not sure if I'll stick to that this year;)

First on my list is Chanel Bronze Universal
2. MAC sugarsweet collection loving the colors...
3. More Shiseido Hydro powder e/s I have Rose Tulle and Gold Lights$sessionid$1XGPF4L1V2MTKCV0KQRRHOQ;jsessionid=1XGPF4L1V2MTKCV0KQRRHOQ?categoryId=A17&id=P173716

Seriously guys if you havent checked out the shiseido line of these shadows go on, AMAZING:)

I'm probably gonna buy more I love these;) The yare light and great to layer with MAC e/s

4. MAC Studio fix powder.....I cant live without this in the summer my color is NC40...I ran out and need more....

I do not wear foundation in the summer......Well this is my far;)

What are your summer beauty makeup changes/choices?

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