Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LC Lauren Conrad collection

LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls
I am actually loving some of the items in this collections whether you are an LC fan or not
I have found some super cute items that I’m loving …I think I found my one floral item I’d like to
Add to my wardrobe this season which is the shirt seen below.
I am also loving the cropped motorcycle jacket that can be worn into spring…
The one shoulder dress is also one of my faves. Not to mention the super cute jumpsuit which is hot for spring/summer nights out on the town!! I have quite a few upcoming events and I think I'm gonna add these to my wardrobe!

I am a bit tired of seeing her dark nails though and feel like that is a trend that has passed.
I also tried reading her Book and found it a bit fluffy which made me not finish it. I am hopeful for her
Collection at kohls as the rumar has it she will be expanding this line at Kohls. I am a serious bargain fashionista, I think
When I was in my 20s I spent tons of money on designer fashions, expensive pieces etc but as I get older I realize that
It is important to be smart with my money and still be fashionable.
What affordable collection are you guys loving lately?

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