Sunday, January 10, 2010

My skincare routine.....

I have a different skin care regimen in the winter than I do in the summer.
So here is my winter skin care routine...I moisturize obsessively and found the Cetaphil moisturizer is the best!! I usually get dry patches on my forehead and cheeks but since using this stuff I do not.

I started using this cleanser:Purpose Gentle cleaning wash, has a pleasant smell and it even takes off my eye makeup. I highly recommend this face wash if you have sensitive skin like me this cleanser is the best!

Also I switch to Estee Lauder Soft Clean and tissue this off when I need an extra moisturizing face cleansing. I found this at the CCO.

Every morning I wash my face with cold water only, follow by moisturizer and then the garnier anti-puff roller pen to depuff my sleepy eyes. I then apply foundation primer and begin my day to day makeup look for work.

Next on sundays I start my week with a mask, I really like the biore self-heating masks or I also like the Montagne Jennesse Chocolate Masque it is for deep pore cleansing and can be found at ULTA (not pictured)

Also on sundays I use my clinique toner in #2, for cleansing of my T-zone, then I use my iskin vibrating cleaner brush from sally beauty supply with the iskin cleanser. I sometimes also use the earth theraputics face exfoliator pictured when I dont want to use the iskin system.

Lastly at night I use the Korres gentle eye remover, Purpose skin cleanser followed by Cetaphil moisturizer.

I have found that every night you must remove all of your eye makeup and makeup in general. Good skin starts with clean skin! I think its also important not to pick at your pimples, touch your face or pull on your eye area which cause wrinkles. I am very particular about this as I'm getting older. I will follow my winter routine by telling you all of my spring/summer routine.

Remember good skin also starts from the inside out...drink lots of water, wash your face nightly and do not touch your face too much!

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