Sunday, November 8, 2009

Makeup organization "Reorganized"



Last year I redid a desk as a vanity and sicne a move or two it since has been sent to another home. So in the meantime I have my MALM five drawer chest and its been great for storage but I noticed since I dont "see" the items I tend to not use them. I admit if things arent in front of me I forget I have them! I even found a vanilla body lotion from LUSH that I didnt know I had! YEA! Anyways on to my new set-up.

I put this desk together today and it took me about 3 hours, you can find it at big lots for $119. Its perfect with drawers and slots for my palettes.


tina_mbc said...

Lucky you having all of that space for makeup...!
I 'm hoping to get a vanity some day (and a walk-in closet, but that's a whole other story, lol)! ;)


Kat said...

Thanks girl..I bought this desk cause I loved the slots that fit my mac palettes….I need more space believe me!!