Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updated Fall List

1. Leggings
2. Plaid shirt (BCBG)
3. Grey Denim
4. New Coach purse
5. Winter pant coat
6. Black tights
7. Purple or Grey Anything
8. Suede boots
9. Black anything
10. NARS fall color collection
I am in the process of changing closets from summer to fall….this is such a tedious task…I think I’m gonna need all weekend
To do this but currently don’t have a free one at the moment. I’ll plan on doing this over labor day I believe;)
Whats on your list?


tina_mbc said...

Great list there! ;)
Good luck with the closet organisation!


Kat said...

Thnaks I need t oget motivated to do this today...lets see how it goes;)

Also I'm trying to replace my hangers with the huggable hangers another lofty idea;)