Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kat Update....

Ahhh alas its Thursday…just a quick bite on what Ive been up to….in the last few weeks I moved with the boyfriend to our townhouse…
We are getting the living room and offices painted…we are redecorating…etc This has definitely taken me away from my makeup-addiction, blogs and YouTube…
I cant keep up and I am behind on my twittering reading as well…sniffle. So before the holidays get crazy for me with parties, events and birthdays including my own…
Im gonna dedicate most of this weekend to updating all my sites with products, pics blogs etc…a lofty idea but one in which I told the BF he can do whatever he wants all
Weekend, have a boys night…I'm hankering down….plus the weather here is Pittsburgh is gonna be rainy and dank as it now outside….
Here is a small list of what I plan on reviewing and blogging about etc.

-My pure luxe love and color samples
-My everyday look using the 28 color palette
-My version of the Kim kardashian look
-My updated collection and makeup station
-China Glaze color samples…right now I’m hoping to also start doing nail tutorials…need to practice first…
this you tuber did an awesome vid on some of the sample colors:

Here is a pic of my friend Mandy she did her own nails and French manicure…wow…She did it within an hour…looking good Mandy!
Well have a great Thursday everyone!!

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