Sunday, June 8, 2008

Learning more about makeup

I guess I thought I knew a lot about makeup but recently Ive discovered that I have more to learn. I have been watching a lot of the DIY videos on you tube for mixing medium, brush deordorizer and recentyl how to display my brushes like they are displayed in sephora!!
This also forced me to go through my makeup only to realize I held on to a lot more than I thought and to get rid of my old makeup.....if you havent used it in 6 months definitely pitch is what I found as a sort of timetable for pitching used make-up:

Step 1
Keep track of the dates that you buy makeup if possible. Most of it will lose effectiveness after about a year, and should be thrown out at that time.
Step 2
Watch your makeup for caking, cracking or drying out. If any of these happen, it is probably past time to throw away the offending product.
Step 3
Don't share your makeup to avoid gathering excess oils or as germs. If you share for some reason, it may be time to throw that makeup away, especially lip and eye makeup.

Store your makeup in a cool dry place— not in your car and preferable not on your bathroom counter where it will be exposed to steam and possibly to water.

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